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The unprecedented rise and spread of coronavirus have forced businesses to rethink their marketing channels and explore new ways of getting their message across to the customers. Virtual platforms have replaced the good old brick-and-mortar stores, paving way for an increased online presence.

There are a lot of things that go into developing a “digital presence”. Social Media pages, Websites, Digital Ads, Digital Content, and Blogs are some of the must-haves for any business to become successful in today’s highly digitalized world. We bring to you 5 proven strategies that will help you stay relevant and boost your digital presence in 2021:

Update your website

Most customers today check your website before making a purchase. Thus, you must have a website that offers relevant information to a visitor. Having a website that has a good user experience can improve your search engine rankings, and in turn, make your business stand out from others. To ensure a smoother user experience, make sure your website is fast and free from full-age pop-up ads.

Another great way to enhance your website is to adjust a poorly performing landing page. Adding Call-to-Action at the end of every page drives your potential customer to perform the desired action, which could be anything from contact information or links to related articles or blogs.

Prioritize Social Media and expand to new platforms

Social media has become a ubiquitous part of our daily life. With more than 3.6 billion users worldwide, social media provides a great opportunity to connect with people, increase brand awareness and reach out to your potential audience through targeted advertisements. Thus, it becomes vital for you to mobilize the power of social media and improve your online presence.

Ensure your social media channels are being used regularly as a regular content schedule serves the algorithm and improves your visibility on social media channels. Invest in live streams and micro-videos because that is where the traction is. Move ahead from Facebook and expand to new social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. These are the ideal places to display new products and build a community. Linked and Twitter are also

great platforms to start networking.

Optimize your website for mobile

People are extremely dependent on their phones today and use them to make quick searches online. Convenience is the key and hence it is important to have a mobile-friendly webpage. Optimizing your webpage for mobile will let people access it easily, and in-turn increase the traffic on your website.

Improve your SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO serves as a tool to help businesses rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). This not only attracts potential customers but also leads to increased visibility and sales. Most websites require ongoing SEO maintenance because search engine giants like Google constantly keep updating their algorithms. Ensure that

you are using relevant keywords in your page title tags and make sure that meta descriptions are filled in detail. Creating buyer personas will help you create relevant content for your audience and improve your rankings, traffic, and organic search visibility.

Improving your digital presence helps customers acquire information about you and your brand and engage with them on a personal level. Following the above-mentioned strategies will help your market your business better and create a robust online presence for you. Also Read: TOP DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS IN 2021

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