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In today’s world, using social media to get to clients and grab a good ROI seems easy. Social media may have boundless reach but to make use of online platforms in an efficient and effective way means a lot of do’s and don'ts. A few tricks here and there can greatly improve online traffic and help a business grow.

These are 9 things not to do on social media :

Not editing your content:

Before content is posted on any social media platform, it has to be thoroughly scrutinised. If stats are being put up then they have to be from an authentic source and one should always proofread the content to be published as it becomes a part of your marketing footprint. Even corrected or deleted content can be saved by users within seconds and this can lead to misleading brand image. Hence, not editing content is something that should be avoided.

Ignoring automation tools:

Automation makes social media posting uncomplicated and keeps it planned. However, automate and forget, does not work. At the end of the day, automating is a manmade function and there are chances for error. Content has to be personalized and automation can’t be relied on at all times.

Ignoring customer reviews:

Ignoring customer reviews can have a domino effect ie; a small customer complaint posted online might seem trivial but that same review can be seen by millions of users. This can create an unfavourable image for the brand. As a basic courtesy, the brand should apologise to their customers and work on improving.

Advertising without strategizing:

Strategizing is of supreme importance while advertising. Be it from creating content to posting and to targeting the audience. If the content is not posted at the right time or a suitable audience is not targeted, the brand's goals will not be accomplished. Business plans are a must.

Paying the least attention to trends:

Getting topical with the brand's content is a must. The latest trends shouldn't be overlooked. Buzz can be created over a contemporary topic or a trending meme or hashtag. Concentrating on time-sensitive subjects will grab more attention from users and will help improve brand image.

Not using analytical tools:

Advertising personnel is expected to give analytical answers for social media ROI.

Using analytical tools will help give any kind of solution be it a single problem or many issues together. Analytics will help one concentrate on a single network as well as multiple networks. These tools will always give data-based logical solutions needed to improve brand image and to help the brand thrive.

Not being ethical:

Following ethical conduct on social media is of utmost importance to maintain a brands goodwill. One cannot post offensive or unethical content on social media as this will affect users entering the legal domain. If one crosses the line and goes ahead with posting unethical content, there can be a backlash and social media engagement with users will be greatly affected.

Buying followers:

One should not buy followers regardless of the ROI or traffic on one’s page. Only the number of followers will not help a brand grow. Honest customer reviews or reviews from a limited number of followers will be more genuine and helpful than fake reviews or fake followers.

Not using hashtags:

Hashtags are similar to maps on online platforms. They help users search for relevant information and guide them. Using proper hashtags helps one to grab more users. It gives brand leverage and thus, one should customarily use hashtags.

On social media, one should always avoid making these mistakes and aim towards ethical advertising and marketing to create motivational relationships.

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