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Guide 101 To Increase Twitter Reach

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Twitter, the most used microblogging and social networking website is attracting individuals and companies like hotcakes. Your Twitter timeline is going to show you content that will pique your interest. Today there are more than 355 million users and Twitter can help you come into the limelight, boost your business and bring out your content to a large audience. Here’s a functional guide to help you increase your Twitter reach.

  • Increase the number of tweets:

Tweeting more is the most fundamental thing to be done while increasing your Twitter reach. Always try to estimate what the best time would be to tweet. That's when you should post more content on your page. Try tweeting at least 2-3 times a day but if not then make sure to repost content synonymous to your page and that'll make it easier for others to notice you.

  • Establish target audience :

Just tweeting without recognising the target audience is not of much use. It's imperative to find out what your customers think and provide them with good quality content and data which will suit their interests. Make it a point to use relevant hashtags and keywords while developing content. This has to be reviewed to generate more leads.

  • Visual content will garner more views:

Visual content is the one trick you can perform to garner more views, get more likes and retweets. Accompanying your tweets with visual content will make people stop and view your tweets. Compelling infographics are retweeted way more so do try adding them in your tweets.

  • Optimize your page by scheduling content:

You can now make the most of your time by scheduling your tweets. You don’t have to be on your page throughout the day for you to be able to post. Scheduling has made things much so much easier. However, make sure that your page doesn’t look like it's only run by bots. Engage with customers personally and that will surely garner more views.

  • Use significant hashtags

When you use hashtags, your content is easier to find. Tweets with hashtags are at least 12% more searchable and increase engagement rate. Hashtags are like the SEO for your Twitter account. Important keywords used as precise hashtags will reach relevant audiences who would love to see that content. Also, remember to keep hashtags original if they are being used for a campaign.

  • Keep your profile clean and up to date

A simple but informative profile is visually appealing and at the same time provides the audience with all required data. A user-friendly profile can be made by having a good relevant profile picture, location details and relevant description about oneself. The posts should be coordinated and relevant to your entire profile.

  • Sync your profile with your contacts

Syncing your profile with contacts is an easy way to make people aware of your presence. This is an easy way to tap into your immediate network and increase reach effortlessly.

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