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Importance of positive web designing

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The comprehensive process of visualizing, planning, designing and positioning configurations on media platforms is called Web Designing. It also includes mobile content, web apps and user interface design.

If done in the right way, web designing can help you grab attention and make your brands online presence felt.

If you are someone who wants to know more about the importance of positive web designing, here is some information on what it can do for you:

  • Appearance :

The fundamental perk of positive web designing is convincing the customer to stay on the website within the first few seconds. When a prospective lead visits your website for the first time they are bound to remember what they see. If the website is of good quality, engaging and coincides with your brand ideology, the customer is going to leave your competitor for you.

  • Search engine optimization:

Powerful and engaging content is what is going to help you optimise website rankings. If you have a complex website that does not guide the users well, they are sure to exit the page. The quality and relevance of the content are of utmost importance for good SEO. Using perfect keywords, making the website visually appealing and guiding users well is what is going to lead to advanced search engine optimization.

  • Building trust

A dissatisfactory and outdated website is sure to make a customer lose their trust. If a customer is spending time and money on your brand, but something as crucial as your website doesn’t channel trust, your business is sure to go downhill. A professionally created website will create ease for the customer and they're sure to remain on your site for a longer time which will lead to capturing more leads.

  • Usability

Formatting and design of the website is the most fundamental aspect which will draw traffic. Around 85% of customers prefer product details whereas 65% seek contacts and the about section. Even if your website is simple and functional, it will attract more customers than a visually appealing but complex one.

  • Conversion rates

Positive web designing will for sure boost your conversion rates. One just has to effectively create the website. Your web design can draw attention to highlights, calls to action and lead them to clickable elements. This kind of positive web designing will make users take the action you want.

  • Being mobile-friendly:

A good website designed to be mobile friendly is the most suitable today as the majority of the searches done nowadays are from a mobile screen. Google is promoting mobile-friendliness as 85% of people believe in mobile websites being better. A good website design that goes beyond a single screen and is equally functional on all is what will attract traffic.

Well, here is the main knowledge you need to have about positive web designing. So do make sure to research well before developing your website.

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